What’s in a name? A brief history of our nomenclature… ‘Veronica’ …. made famous by Elvis Costello. We take a bit of literary license and embellish her story… it may not be a happy one; a woman driven to dementia by loneliness, left alone while her lover was lost at sea. She, as a young girl, kissed a boy, fell in love, then waited in vain for her love to return from sea. We dedicate our oyster bar to Veronica - not the one and only but perhaps the many Veronicas that once were. The restaurants’ design is an homage to the life she might have had or never had. Trinkets collected from the early part of the century adorn the shelves. On the walls a painting by Joseph Arnegger depicts a ‘Veronica’ with a delicate look in her eye, from the song as well as 5 collages by Brian Haverlock which represent an imaginary abstract life, colored by her dementia, that she might have lived with her lost lover. Our logo is also an appropriate image of, not a mermaid, but instead a Victorian era Veronica who is wearing a mermaid dress in delusional hopes of being closer to her lost love……we know, a bit creepy … but fun..