As we navigate these exceptionally tough times it is with great sadness that we announce after tonight’s dinner service we will temporarily close operations at Veronica Fish and Oyster. We feel it is our social responsibility to protect the health of our staff and guests as collectively we all strive to come together to help the stop the spread of COVID-19. As a small business we know when we re-open our guests will welcome us with open arms (when this is once again safe for us to do so) Veronica will use our remaining product in house to provide meals for our staff and their families, in an effort to soften the blow this horrible pandemic has had on us all, especially those of us in hospitality. We encourage you to follow us on all social platforms as we will be updating everyone with re-opening dates. Please come by today and help us by stocking up on gift cards to use in celebration of our re-opening, or join us tonight one last time of a toast to the future- we know will be bright.

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