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You wouldn’t know seafood unless you’ve sat down at a place like Veronica Fish and Oyster. It’s a nice bar based in Sarasota, Florida. Unfortunately, there’s only one in the entire nation.

As if the history behind the bar’s origin weren’t interesting enough, it’s become more common with my colleagues and I spending Happy Hour there after a long day at work. We’re greeted with courtesy. We’ll sit and chat with the employees whom are super chill and provide wonderful service!

The best part is the food and drinks which cease to fall short of expectations. We enjoy the variety of delicious options on the menu. My favorite combo is the chicken & crawfish gumbo with white wine. That’s what I’ll get most of my times at the jaunt. Of course, I don’t switching it up every once and while.

My colleagues absolutely love the Szechuan fried shrimp which are pretty tasty, too. The drinks compliment the appetizers extremely as well. I’ve never had a single complaint on my visits.

Veronica Fish and Oyster feels like a place where you could truly relax after putting in a ton of hard work.

Hopefully, more will built around the country in the future.

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