Oysters are a classic American seafood. Many people in years past learned to love the briny taste of these crustaceans. Oyster houses were common. People were given the chance to pick from many varied oyster types. Today, oysters remain as popular as ever. today’s diners love the remarkable taste of oysters. At our restaurant, we are pleased to honor this wonderful tradition. We are happy to work with diners who want to sample craft cocktails and relax over a plate of oysters and seafood. Our restaurant is dedicated to offering a unique dining experience that is all about savoring delicious, fresh food.

Our Many Classic Options

At our restaurant, we offer diners many different ways to enjoy our fabulous oysters and other wonderful seafood. Our raw bar is all about pairing classic seafood with new and innovative tastes. Diners can also pick from other menu options. Try our small plates if you want to sample lots of oysters and other kinds of seafood. Come join us at our fashioned bar for cocktails and seafood. We’re also open for brunch so our clients can head out early in the morning for classic seafood options like oysters carpaccio and King Crab Louie.

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